These are weapons we have,email me if you have more!email me at macdude2@yahoo.com 

Snowball:You should know that one or you shouldnt be on clubpenguin!

 Spam attack: Without having a typing anything in the word box,press and hold J it will tell jokes but very very fast.This is called spam it can mess up peoples screens(Not for good)and then they have to restart.

Hockey stick attack: To do this equip a hockeystick and then run up and down beside an enemy,it will look like your hitting them.This works with other weapons to.

Puffle tornado: To do this get a black puffle and then walk them,get beside an enemy where your puffle is in front of them.Then dance the puffle will do a tornado and it will look like your hitting the enemy with a tornado.

Annoying noise: Get a whistle or bell and hold down W on the keyboard,an annoying sound will happen.You can also do this by pressing and then holding ET on the keyboard.