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Chat Rules:

  • No bad language.
  • No advertising (spamming).
  • No flooding (being annoying).
  • No talking about inappropriate stuff.
  • No political or religious arguments.
  • No sharing of personal information (pictures, addresses, etc.).
  • No joining or helping enemies (no spying).
  • No asking to be a moderator.
  • Don’t do anything you know or feel is wrong.
  • Do whatever the leader(s) say(s) to.
  • Dont be mean and have fun!

Moderator Rules:

  • You are allowed to be a mod by me.
  • You cannot ban any one for no reason.
  • You cannot allow someone to be unbanned because they are your friends.
  • You cannot cuss either.
  • If you disobey any of these rules you will be banned!(That goes for normal people to)

I will always have spy's on watching what you are doing!!Sometimes they dont show up on the people in room box either so be careful what you say!!