Here i will post pics and names of the items to make a suit.

Valkyire: Eyepatch,brown spike hair,agent uniform(Or general uniform)bow tie,chekered shoes(or black shoes)

Stealth agent: Brown spike hair(or black toboggan) Spy goggles(found in fish book by clicking agent sunglasses)ipod(optional)Agent uniform,bow tie,tenny shoes.

Agent troop: Sunglasses(optional)agent uniform,bow tie and checkered shoes.

Elite sand troop: Ski goggles(Or spy goggles) explorer suit(either one from quest for the golden puffle play)Rope(also from quest for golden puffle)Brown hair(Or safari hat at the quest for golden puffle)Bowtie and hiking boots(or any other shoes)

Climbing troop: Rescue squad helmet(or hockey helmet,NO goalie helmets or football helmets) Hiking boots(or other shoe) Bowtie,rope and climbing suit and Ski goggles.